Dental Problems

What are Children Dental Sealants?

Dental cavities are very common in children and they begin at an early age. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), nearly one fifth of the toddlers (2 – 4 years), more than half of the 8 year olds and above three-fourth of the teenagers have some level of dental cavity. Dental sealants are used to treat the dental decay, they are also used for preventing the decay.

What are Children Dental Sealants?

Children Dental sealant is a clear, protective and safe plastic like coating applied to the teeth. It is applied on the biting surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars), as they are more prone for cavities. It acts as a physical barrier that seals the bacteria and the food that causes tooth decay.

When to get Dental Sealants for Children?

Placing dental sealants as soon as the molars appear will protect them from developing caries in those areas (usually, first permanent molars start at an age pf 6 years). Second permanent molars will erupt at an age of 12 years. These teeth have pits and fissure surfaces which are susceptible to dental caries, so it is recommended to have sealants for these teeth as soon as possible.

Side effects of Children Dental Sealants

According to ADA and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and prevention),dental sealants are an effective and safe way to prevent cavities among the children. Dental sealing is a painless process, extremely effective non-toxic dental sealants are recommended by the American Dental Association. As long as sealants are intact, they are100% effective and can last from 10 to 15 years.

Cost for Dental Sealants

Dental sealing for children’s back tooth are covered by the insurance, but on the safer side get a pre-approval from the insurance company. If you need to get dental sealants for the remaining teeth also, be prepared to pay around $30 to $50 per teeth.

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