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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Complications

In general, most of the operations have some potential risks and some complications. Usually, they are discussed with the patient prior to the operation. However, some patients may not get any complications and some may. The severity of the complications vary between individuals based on their health condition and their body reaction to the operation.

Common Wisdom Tooth Extraction Complications

Sinus Complications

  • Generally occur when the upper wisdom teeth are removed
  • Happens because these teeth’s roots are very near to sinus cavity. In some cases they may go into the cavity
  • The bacteria in the sinus does not allow the wound to heal properly and lead to infections
  • In normal cases antibiotics will do the job, but in severe conditions another surgery for removing sinus infection may be needed

Nerve Damage

  • May occur while removing lower wisdom tooth
  • It may lead to numb tongue, chin or lip
  • In most of the cases, sensation comes back in several weeks, but for some patient the damage is permanent

Jaw Fracture

  • It happens in very rare cases
  • This may occur when the wisdom tooth is impacted on to the jaw and when the jaw bone is removed for extracting the wisdom tooth

Air Embolism

  • This happens when a mixture of water and air (under pressure) gets pushed through your jaw into the veins that lead to the heart. The mixture is used to fill the extracted area
  • In severe cases, when the bubble is large then, it may lead to cardiac arrest leading to heart failure
  • Even a microscopic air bubble can lead to inflammation and tissue damage. To cure this problem the patient is kept for observation in a hyperbaric chamber

Chronic Headache

is a common complaint by many people who had wisdom tooth extraction


occurs in very rare cases, this can be because of allergic reaction to anesthesia or due to profuse bleeding during the procedure

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