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Why do you Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction? – Procedure

Wisdom Tooth is the common name for the third molar teeth. They grow in an individual from the age of 17 years. Usually there should be four third molars in an adult, but it is quite possible that some may have only two wisdom teeth.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

If wisdom teeth are a part of our teeth structure then why should we remove them? Most of the times the third molars or wisdom tooth does not grow properly, they often impact on the adjacent teeth or on the gums. This can result in huge pain, gum line infection and some times even damage the surrounding teeth. These wisdom teeth have different impacts in different cases, so extraction is suggested in most of the cases.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The whole treatment can be done by a dentist in his clinic, however if you want to extract all the wisdom teeth in a single go then an operation theater is required. Most likely the operation would take two to three hours, but make sure that take three to four days off from work as there might be swelling. The whole procedure is done under local anesthesia for clinical treatment and for operation theater treatment general anesthesia is additional. The steps for extraction are as follow

  • Locating the impacted wisdom tooth is the first step
  • Incise a soft tissue to open up
  • Remove the overlying bone for exposing the tooth crown
  • Extract the tooth in whole or in pieces, depending on the complication in the structure
  • Suture the soft tissues and any pockets formed by the wisdom tooth

Types of Impactions

There are 4 types of impactions commonly found in the patients

If the impaction happens to be between third and second molars then it is called bone impaction, this is subcategorized into vertical, horizontal and angular based on the way they intersect.

Vertical Bone Impaction

can cause pathosis inside your jaw bone or cheek bone.

Horizontal Bone Impaction

leads to pathosis. It can hurt the hard tissues of the 2nd molar causing toothache and cavities.

Angular Bone Impaction

can cause pathosis, besides that, it also hurts the hard tissues of your 2nd molars causing tooth sensitivity and severe toothache.

Tissue Impaction

may happen in some cases where the wisdom teeth erupts out of gum line causing pseudo-pockets (half erupt wisdom tooth out of gum line). These pockets will collect food debris and become home for bacteria.

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