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Is Teeth Grinding at Night Preventable?

An estimated 50 to 65% adults in the United States have the problem of teeth grinding at nights. Many people do not realize it, even after years of grinding. This problem is often seen more in children than adults. Any damage caused due to teeth grinding is irreversible, so it is very important to take certain preventive measures to solve this problem.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding in nights

Night teeth grinding is of serious concern and the great news is that, it is preventable to a maximum extent by following the below given tips.

Relieve Stress, it is the major cause for teeth grinding. Practising yoga and meditation can give you best results.

A warm bath before going to bed can relax your stressed jaw muscles and save you from teeth grinding.

Exercise can reduce stress and tension, resulting in reduced grinding at night.

Massage is one of the good alternatives to relieve from stress and tension

Keep the lips sealed, but keep your teeth apart. Practise that your teeth only touches while chewing. Drop the jaw during the rest of time and feel your muscles to get relaxed, try to maintain this feeling as much as you can.

Applying heat to the jaw can reduce the pressure or tension forced on them.

Night guard for tooth grinding can be used, it is made of acrylic appliance or plastic. The night guard cannot stop you from tooth grinding, but can protect your teeth from the affect of it.

Causes of Teeth Grinding at Night

There are many reasons for teeth grinding at night, but the most common problems would be internalized anger, tension and stress. Internalized anger is caused due to the anger problems with in and the stress can be due to too much work, too much worry and short-lived sleep. These all will build up the frenzied energy in our body and find a channel while we are asleep. The main motive for the individuals having tooth grinding problem should be to avoid tension,stress and reduce anger.

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