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Night Guard for Teeth Grinding – Precautions

Teeth grinding is the most common problem seen both in children and adults. From a recent report of the American Dental Association, 32% of children and 80% of adults in the United States are suffering from teeth grinding. They recommend to take precaution measure as soon as possible, because the affects of teeth grinding are irreversible. Wearing a night guard is one of the best ways to reduce the damage caused by the tooth grinding.

Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Night guards are the best way of treatment for teeth grinding, but they are also expensive, costing several hundred dollars. There are certain things under consideration before choosing a night guard.

Finding most comfortable fit:

Guards that are available in stores are free sized ones which fit mostly for any one. Be careful while buying, as there will be no trial before buying these products. For optimum protection, buy the boil and bite night teeth guards.


There are cheap and expensive teeth guards available in market. Choose to buy mouth guards made of soft but strong plastic, over rubber guards.

Custom-fit guards:

These are the most expensive teeth guards, as they are designed by a dentists to meet your particular requirements. But they are the best.

Guards Construction:

There are two type of guards when it comes to the way of construction, double wall or single wall. Double wall teeth guards give more protection compared to the single walled ones, and they are more costly than the single wall guards. Single wall teeth guards are preferred for short term use.

Precautions for Teeth Grinding

Just wearing a night guard does not stop you from night grinding, it just prevents the effects caused on the teeth. To get good results from a night guard for teeth grinding the following certain precautions is necessary.

  • Avoid alcohol

    , as teeth grinding gets intensified after alcohol consumption

  • Stop Chewing

    things like pens or pencils and any thing that are not food.

  • Train yourself

    , from clenching or grinding your teeth

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