Dental Problems

How to Prevent Dental Caries?

If you are getting severe pain after having some food (especially sweet, cold and hot), and while having cold beverages, dental caries is the main reason behind it. Dental caries can penetrate into our soft tooth pulp and also to the sensitive nerve fiber within. If left untreated, it erodes the tooth significantly resulting in destruction of the tooth.

What are Dental Caries?

Dental caries are cause due to an acid erosion of the tooth enamel. There are different types of bacteria living and growing in the human mouth. They build up on our teeth, and feed on the food debris forming plaque. The plaque is generally formed in certain places like pits, cracks, grooves in our back teeth, near gum lines and between the tooth.

Plaque converts carbohydrates and sugar in the food to acid, because of this minerals in the food we eat dissolves at the surface of the teeth. This erodes the tooth enamel or creates pits, these pits are too small for our vision to see and over a period of time they grow large.

Causes for Dental Caries

* Dental Plaque
* Streptococcus mutans
* Bottle tooth decay
* Streptococcus sobrinus

Symptoms of Dental Caries

* Toothache
* Bad breath
* Foul taste
* Visible pits (once the caries go deep)
* Pain while chewing any food
* If the problem gets serious, you can see swelling on the outer side, Cervical adenopathy

Treatment for Dental Caries

* First the dentist numbs the area to be treated
* The caries are removed and fillings are used to fill as per the requirements.
* Standard treatment involves filling the tooth.
* Depending on the patients interest, they can have different filling materials like gold, amalgams, and resins.
* Advanced techniques like indirect restoration can be used in severe cases.

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