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How to Prevent Dental Decay? – Treatment, Symptoms

How to Prevent Dental DecayHow to Prevent Dental Decay:

Are you thinking how to prevent dental decay? Following are the recommendations given by American Dental Association for preventing dental decay.

* Brush the teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste, brushing after each meal is the best.
* Clean between your teeth daily with an interdental cleaner or by flossing
* Eat a well balanced diet, with all nutritional values

Treatment for Dental Decay

Depending on the requirements and conditions we can have

* Fluoride Medications
* Fillings
* Casings
* Root Canal treatment
* Tooth extractions, if the condition is out of hand

Symptoms of Dental Decaying

* Dental pain is the best common indicator
* Foul inhalation and bad savor in your mouth
* Colored spots on incisors teeth
* Loose-fitting and fillings
* Incisor that is sensitive to stress

and the ache will be severe when you

* Chew the food
* Gnaw food or gum
* Brush the incisors fast
* While having cold or hot food and beverages
* Consume sweets


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