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What are Dental Flippers? – What is the Use?

Dental flipper is the least expensive way to replace a missing tooth. Often it is used as a temporary tooth replacement while waiting for a dental bridge or for healing after a dental implant is placed.

Why Dental Flippers?

Missing tooth is the worst nightmare to think of. Many people have to get their tooth removed owing to extensive cavities, gum disease and injuries. Dentists usually come up with three options to replace the missing tooth, such as a bridge, an implant, or a detachable partial denture. Bridge or implants are more comfortable and appear better compared to a detachable partial denture but, they cost amazingly high and not all patients cannot afford them. In such cases a removable partial denture or commonly called Dental Flipper, is the best available choice.

How Dental Flippers are Made?

A dental flipper is made out of acrylic. It is made by taking an impression of your mouth, and then a plaster cast is poured. The cast is sent to a laboratory with a prescription that includes the shade of the tooth. An acrylic tooth is selected that most closely matches the shade of your teeth, and a pink plate is molded to fit your palate (on the upper) or to fit just inside the tongue side of your teeth (on the lower). For a little extra cost, wires with little ball ends can be placed to help secure the dental flipper in your mouth. Otherwise, it is secured by the pink acrylic snapping between your teeth.


While a dental flipper is meant to be temporary, some people wear them for years. They press somewhat on the gums and so are not very healthy for the gums. They also break easily, and it can be difficult to eat with them-they may not be strong enough to eat on and may have to be removed for meals.

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