Dental Problems

What Are The Common Dental Implants Problems?

Dental implants are considered as a better alternative compared to other restorative procedures. Implants are placed to treat missing tooth or broken tooth, and this procedure can be done for one tooth or for a set of teeth. However, dental implants have certain problems. Following are some of the common dental implants problems.

Common Dental Implants Problems


  • Peri-Implantitis is the major cause for the dental implant case failures
  • It is formed because of bacterial infection at the implanted site
  • It manifests in the form of inflammation and swelling of the tissues

Damages and Injuries

  • During the surgical procedure, tissues near the implanting area may get injured or damaged
  • This leads to temporary swelling and pain
  • Proper care for a week will make it normal

Loose Dental Implants

  • This is caused due to an improper placement of the implants
  • It can also be caused due to failure in the integration with the jaw bone
  • Some times even the implants may break, in this case replacement is required

Nerve Damage

  • It is caused because of the implants mistakenly placed on the nerve or very near to it
  • It causes severe pain, and should be reported to the dentist immediately
  • The dentist will remove the implant and replace it properly

Sinus Problems

  • This problem arise when the implant is made in the upper jaw
  • Some times the implant may disturb the sinus cavities, which lead to sinus problems
  • If required, the dentist will remove the implant

It is very important for the patient who want to undergo implantation to discuss the pros and cons of the procedure prior to the treatment. Patient can tell about his/her other problems like sinus, so that the dentist can plan the treatment properly.

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