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6 Best Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, I think this old saying suites well for bad breath. Because, it is easy to prevent bad breath in the early stages than curing it after becoming a serious problem. To get the best results it is very important to find the cause of the bad breath and follow the ways to prevent bad breath.

Ways to prevent bad breath

Drink plenty of water

  • It is as simple as that, it prevent most of the bacteria formation
  • Anaerobic bacteria attacks dry mouths, so keep yourself well hydrated
  • Drinking a minimum of 10 glasses per day is recommended

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

  • Cleaning your teeth after every meal will remove most of the bacteria
  • Tongue scrapping helps clear tongue bacteria
  • Flossing will remove the bacteria stored in the corners, flossing at least twice a day is preferred

Treat Oral Diseases

  • Sometimes bad breath is caused due to oral diseases such as periodontal disease
  • It is very important to get treatment for these diseases before treating bad breath

Eating Crispy Vegetables and Fruits

  • Eating crispy fruits and vegetables will clean your mouth naturally
  • Apples, guava, cucumber, carrot, celery are some examples
  • Chewing these kind of food will clear any food particles that are stored between teeth and gums
  • In one way this can be called auto flossing

Avoid Commercial Products

  • Avoid commercial products like mouth washes and chemical toothpastes as much as you can
  • Rely more on herbal products and natural solutions
  • Herbal products not only serve the purpose, but they are also good antibiotics for dental problems

Food Changes

  • Try to eat less sugar food
  • Tea helps prevent bacteria formation compared to coffee, herbal tea is the best
  • Sugar free gum is recommended, but it should not replace brushing after meals
  • Chewing parsley can get rid of bad breath instantly

Bad Breath

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