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What Are The Root Canal Procedure Alternatives?

Root Canal Treatment is the most successful procedure in whole dentistry, with success rate around 97% according to the American Dental Association. Root canal treatment is required when there is a severe tooth decay or cavity, and it may cause damage to the pulp, root canal and the pulp present within the tooth. However, few patients look for root canal alternatives, and this articles concentrates on the alternatives for root canal procedure.

Root Canal Alternatives

Direct Pulp Capping

  • It is gaining more popularity lately, as the next alternative for root canal.
  • It involves removing all decays and infected areas, then the area gets sterilized in order to stop any bleeding.
  • After this the dentist will apply filling that is made of calcium hydroxide over the tooth. These filling act as caps, and these pulp caps work for along time.
  • This method is suitable for people whose nerve is healthy enough to repair, that is, if the nerve is irritated but alive.

Endodontic Surgery

  • It is known as apicoectomy.
  • This treatment involves cutting off root tips and filling them, in order to seal.


  • If the tooth infection is minor then antibiotic therapy can be helpful.
  • But, antibiotics are mostly used to postpone the root canal treatment.
  • Sometimes pain relievers are used in addition to ease the pain.

Plantain Poultice

  • It is a herbal remedy useful for fighting infections in teeth.
  • This plantain weed pulls out toxins from your body.
  • Then a moist mass or poultice will be placed around the tooth that is infected.

Tooth Extraction

  • The last alternative for root canal procedure is tooth extraction.
  • In some cases, where the tooth is severely damaged or if the tooth structure is not suitable then tooth extraction is the best way to treat such kind of tooth.
  • The extracted tooth gets replaced with an implant or bridge or partial denture.

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