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3 Factors Affecting Root Canal Treatment Recovery

Lack of knowledge regarding the root canal treatment and not following the instructions given by the dentist religiously are the main reasons for extended recovery time. Usually, if the treatment is done carefully it should take only one week for full recovery. The main factors that are affecting the recovery time of the root canal treatment are as follow.

Factors Affecting Root Canal Treatment Recovery

Condition of Tooth

  • The condition of the tooth for which root canal treatment is indicated plays an important role in healing.
  • The healing time increases if the tooth getting treated was greatly carious or had a periodical abscess. This happens because, in these cases, the jawbone takes more time to heal.
  • If there was any active infection in that tooth then the healing time may increase.
  • If the treated tooth is too grossly destructed, then a crown is required after the treatment to heal faster.

Dentist’s Expertise

  • The way of the treatment greatly influences the recovery period.
  • If the procedure is performed thoroughly ensuring that all the root canals are cleaned and blocked properly, then the recovery time reduces.
  • By mistake even if a bit of infection still remains, it can flare-up any time resulting in reinfection. This may lead to re-treatment, that is, more recovery time.


  • It is very important to follow certain aftercare instructions given by your dentist religiously, otherwise be prepared for more time to recover.
  • Do not take any food even liquids for few hours after the treatment, and avoid eating on the treated side for the rest of the day.
  • The cement used for fillings helps in healing the tooth but, it has poor strength and cannot take any masticate forces. So, it is important to put less force on that tooth, especially if the patient has weal tooth structure.

To have less recovery period, it is very important to have a careful treatment and follow the post treatment instructions religiously.

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