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Root Canal Treatment Recovery Period

Root Canal RecoveryMany people undergoing the root canal procedure have a common question which is, How much time it takes for Root Canal recovery? Root canal treatment is performed as the last ditch effort for preventing tooth extraction. If the procedure is done with good care and with no complications, it just takes a week time to recover. So, both the patient and dentist should take great care to avoid any complications.

Factors Influencing Root Canal Recovery

  • Usually it takes a week for recovery, but certain factors influence the healing process. It is important to know about these factors prior to the treatment so that the patient will be more cautious.
  • The first factor is based on the reason for root canal treatment. That is, if the tooth had periodical abscess and makes it greatly carious then it takes considerable amount of time to recover. This is because, in these cases, it takes more time for healing the jawbone.
  • After the root canal treatment the patients should take some precautions to have fast recovery. They should not have any liquid or food intakes for few hours after the treatment, and avoid eating on the treated side for the rest of the day.
  • It is always good to have silver fillings compared to cement filings, to avoid any future damages. Having a crown on the treated tooth is best for fast recovery and easy chewing.
  • Even the experience and efficiency of the dentist plays an important role on the recovery time. If the dentist takes extra care in diagnosing the problem and takes necessary steps to remove the diseased and carious portion of the pulp properly then the healing time gets reduced.
  • It is also important to take time (maximum of 1week) between sittings, so that the pulp chamber gets dried properly and the nerve tissues die completely.

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