Dental Problems

What are Root Canal Problems?

Root canal treatment is a successful procedure done to treat tooth cavity and tooth decays. According to the American Dental Association it has 97% success rate. However, there are few problems if the treatment is nor performed carefully. Read on this article to know root canal problems.

Root Canal Problems

  • Some tooth will have many root canals, and if the dentist misses cleaning even one of the root canals then it becomes a serious problem leading to re-treatment.
  • Sometimes the root canals will be curved or horizontal making it difficult to clean and fill them. If they are not cleaned properly then the problem re-appears.
  • In some cases, if the dentist does not measure the length of the root canal exactly, it leads to insufficient cleaning. This may spread the infection and cause tooth abscess.
  • Few infections can lead to dead teeth and prone jawline. While treating these type of tooth, a fracture may happen. Endodontic surgery is required to remove the roots that are fractured.
  • If there are more root canals with curves, it gets difficult to clean and fill them, while treatment the tool can accidentally penetrate through the side of your tooth causing fresh perforation. Such types of holes should be filled with great attention, as they can cause further infection.
  • Failing to detect any one of the cracks can result in dental problems because, these cracks are the gateways for bacterial and infection attacks.
  • In very very rare cases, the tools used for cleaning and filling may accidentally break inside the cavity made. It is alright if the breakage happens during cleaning, as it can be removed. It should not happen while filling because, if it not noticed and filled leaving it inside the teeth then it causes pain. In serious cases, surgery may be required to remove the broken part.
  • In few cases, the infections may repeat even after root canal procedure resulting in severe tooth damage. In such cases, the dentist checks for a proper solution and if nothing is possible, then he may suggest for tooth extraction.

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