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What is Root Canal? – Root Canal Procedure

Due to unhealthy eating and poor oral hygiene, the nerve and pulp present in the tooth get infected causing severe pain and many other side effects. Root canal procedure is used to treat the pulp and nerves with in the tooth that are badly infected or decayed.

Why Root Canal Procedure?

Root canal is a natural cavity in the center of your tooth. Pulp is a soft area present within the root canal and the tooth’s nerve also lies in it. Due to infection and decaying, the nerve tissue and pulp get damaged resulting in severe pain and often breaking of tooth. In root canal procedure the dentists cleans the pulp area, blocks the nerve and fills the area with gutta percha (some kind of plastic filling) and cement.

Root Canal Procedure

  • A dentist will do complete diagnoses and recommends the patients about root canal treatment.
  • The tooth area will be isolated using a rubber dam kit, and this isolation will help to ease the operation by preventing the entry of saliva and other fluids that come from the motor.
  • Rubber dam kit is a rubber sheet fitted using clips or clamps around the tooth that is getting treated.
  • A cavity is made with proper depth and outline into the root, this is done using an aerotor. This helps in removing the pump to the maximum extent.
  • Left over pulp will be removed using root canal files, and the nerve will be blocked from inside.
  • Once this is done the dentist will place a temporary cap to secure the cavity till the next sitting, this gap will help in drying the pulp area completely.
  • The dentist will provide soothing medicines to ease the pain and the sensitivity caused by the tooth that is getting treated. If required antibiotics will be given to avoid spreading of infection to the teeth around the infected tooth.
  • In the final sitting, the canal will be filled using Gutta Percha (some type of plastic material) which is bio-compatible. A cement filling is done on top of it and a crown will be placed to secure the tooth.

2 responses to What is Root Canal? – Root Canal Procedure

  1. Hi
    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from tooth root infection wicxh resultant severe mal-odor.i’m thinking of root canal surgery.

    I am afraid;is it effective to relief from the mal-odor and further complication.

    looking for your wise suggestion.

    • Hello,

      You have been suffering from tooth root infection and mal-odor. This condition needs to diagnosed properly before any treatment. Root canal treatment is one of the procedures which is used for tooth root infections. in this they removed the abscess nerve thus helps in prevent the spread of infection through the blood flow to other organs (ear or head) and also prevent bad odor. Consult your dentists for complete diagnosis and about side effects or complications before opting any treatment procedure.