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What is Gingivostomatitis?

Gingivostomatitis, also known as the primary herpetic gingivostomatitis is a bacterial or viral infection in the mouth and on gums, usually leading to sores and swelling. It is caused by herpes simplex virus. Gingivostomatitis is a combination of stomatitis and gingivitis. It causes painful sores inside your cheeks and on gum line.

Causes of Gingivostomatitis

  • Gingivostomatitis is commonly seen among children and young adults, it is usually caused due to poor oral hygiene
  • It can occur after infections by type 1 herpes simplex virus (HSV-1)
  • It may also occur after coxsackle virus infection

Symptoms of Gingivostomatitis

  • Sores inside the cheeks or on the gums
  • Bad breath
  • Fever
  • Uneasiness, general discomfort and ill feeling
  • Very sore mouth

Treatment for Gingivostomatitis

It is a normal problem and in mild state it does not need any medical treatment.

Home Treatment

The treatment is mainly targeted to relieve the symptoms

  • Have a proper dentist checkup and get rid off any other diseases causing this problem. For this your dentist will perform biopsy.
  • It hurts greatly if you try to brush but, it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene, especially during this disease to avoid further infections.
  • Special mouthwash or lukewarm salt water can be used to relieve the pain
  • Acetaminophen can be used to reduce fever and make eating easy, if you still feel pain them consult the dentist for more effective pain killers
  • It is important to be hydrated at all times, so drink enough fluids. Most soothing liquids for the throat include smooth drinks, juices and milk (also flavoured)
  • Eat soothing foods can be taken at ease, foods include mashed potato, apple sauce, soup, yogurt and most importantly ice cream

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