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Home Tooth Whitening

Following the mentioned do’s and dont’s for home tooth whitening can keep your teeth healthy and sparkling white.

Home Tooth Whitening do’s and dont’s


  • Changing your toothbrush is the first step, use a soft bristle one.
  • Brush your teeth with proper technique, that is do not brush forcefully, instead brush firmly.
  • Brush after every meal, this might sound crazy, but it cleans your teeth and keeps them out of plaque
  • Using baking soda with the toothpaste is very helpful.
  • Gargle with a small amount of peroxide and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
  • If you can get walnut tree trunks, you can use them on your teeth. This can show wonders, specially on stained teeth.
  • Eating a whole apple (do not cut the apple) after meals is the most preferred method to shine your yellow teeth.
  • Foods like carrots and celery will scrub away any stubborn stains effectively
  • Water helps in preventing stain accumulation, so drink plain water (not chilled) after eating any food and beverages like coffee and milk shakes
  • Rub your teeth with an orange peel (inner white part), using twice a week give very good results
  • Strawberries are called as natural tooth whiteners. Rubbing your teeth with strawberries can help in removing stains. Remember to brush your teeth after cleaning with strawberries, as they can leave sugars and acids that can worsen the effect.
  • Gargling you teeth twice a day, with salt water (mix of lukewarm water and a spoon of salt) will keep you away from all dental problems
  • Every night, brushing the teeth using apple cider vinegar will maintain the color


  • Stop smoking, or limit them to the least number possible. Smoking causes many dental problems and stain your teeth
  • Never use fingernails for removing tooth stains, because they can scratch your tooth enamel. This will result in formation of plaque more instantly.
  • Do not clean your teeth with lemon or anything that has vitamin C. They may help in whitening the teeth, but they actually reduce calcium, which is a major component for having a healthy teeth.
  • Have a limit on the intake of alcohol, coffee, tea and carbonated drinks
  • Avoid taking too hot or too cold beverages

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