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What IS Oral Thrush? – Causes, Symptoms

Oral thrush is a kind of yeast infection formed on the mucus membrane, caused by the candida fungus. It can causes lesions anywhere inside the mouth including throat. In severe cases, lesions can spread down the esophagus (the long from your mouth to stomach), this can lead to many digestive problems. Oral thrush may effect anyone, but it is more likely to effect infants. It is taken as normal if the infection lasts below three days, otherwise it is better to get a medical advise. Let us examine the symptoms of oral thrush in children and adults, and its causes.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush

Children and Adults

  • White, creamy lesions on the tongue, on the roof of the mouth, on the gums, tonsils and inner cheeks.
  • Some times the lesions appearance will be as a cottage cheese
  • Pain and bad breath
  • Slight bleeding from the lesions
  • Cracks in the corners of the mouth
  • Loss of taste
  • Some times difficulty in swallowing (if your esophagus got affected)

Breast-feeding Mothers and Infants

Infants will have trouble feeding and feel irritable. Infections can be passed from the infants to their mothers while breast-feeding. The mothers who are infected with candida can experience

  • Sensitive and itchy nipples, they also turn in to unusual red color
  • Flaky and shiny skin on the areola
  • Severe pain while breast feeding their infant
  • Sometimes stabbing pain deep in the breast
  • Candida is known for causing yeast infection in the vagina

Causes of Oral Thrush

  • It is caused because of a fungus called the candida.
  • A small amount of candida is always present in everyone’s mouth, but the immune system will keep it under control.
  • Whenever your immune system becomes weaker or prone to other problems then the fungus can grow

Other causes that can increase the chance of getting thrush are

  • Taking steroid medications
  • Drugs used after organ transplant will make your immune system week
  • Chemotherapy for cancer also suppresses the body’s immune system
  • Having an HIV infection
  • Poor overall health

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