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What is Tooth Sensitivity? – All Details

Are you having pain (electric effect) while having any cold or hot food, hot or cold beverages? The pain is due to the sensitivity of your tooth. In advanced stages of sensitivity conditions, you will feel pain even if you expose the teeth to cold air. Due to this pain many tend to brush poorly, making them vulnerable to tooth decays and gum diseases,

Causes for Tooth Sensitivity

  • Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem due to wear off of your gum tissue or tooth surface.
  • Another most common reason for this problem is receding gums wear your tooth roots get exposed due to enamel abrasion.
  • More advanced causes include oral cancer, periodontal disease, and root canal problem


Home Remedies for Tooth Sensitivity

  • Clean your teeth, if possible after every meal or atleast twice a day. This will eradicate any plaque formation, one of the main reason for tooth sensitivity.
  • Flossing is very important as your toothbrush cannot reach many corners and edges where bacteria reside.
  • Using a Soft toothbrush, is very important as hard bristle brush can destroy the protective teeth enamel. Especially, when aged exposed dentin’s become more vulnerable to abrasion.
  • Desensitizing Toothpaste can be used to reduce the sensitivity, this kind of toothpaste will have tubules that will diminish sensitivity. It is available without any prescription in your local pharmacy, or at a dental section in your local supermarket.
  • Fluoride Rinse can be used twice a day, just swish it and spit it out. These rinses will have bacteria removal acids and anti sensitive agents.

Dentist Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

  • If the pain has not reduced in couple of weeks after using home remedies then it is important to consult a dentist
  • Your dentist will do an detailed examination to find the reason, this may involve some tests and x-rays
  • Depending on the advancement, the dentist can suggest using more advanced rinse or prescribe medicines
  • If required your dentist may perform other treatments depending on the reasons of the sensitivity.

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