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What is Osseous Surgery? – Procedure, Risks

Osseous SurgeryOsseous surgery threats the periodontitis, a gum disease. Patients suffering from periodontitis will develop defects (holes) in their bones surrounding the teeth. This surgery will get rid of the holes by reshaping the bone, usually it is used for treating bone loss around multiple tooth.

What is Osseous Surgery?

Osseous surgery is done to reshape the bone which holds the tooth in place. Prior to surgery, the patient should undergo an initial periodontal therapy which include root planing and scaling. You must also have good oral hygiene for getting good results out of the surgery.

Osseous Surgery Procedure

  • To numb the area, a local anesthetic will be used
  • The periodontist separates your gums from the teeth, and makes an access to the root of tooth and its surrounding bone.
  • First the roots will be cleaned thoroughly, then some sharp hand instruments and a drill will be used for reshaping the bone surrounding the teeth.
  • In certain areas the bone is removed to restore any rise and fall of your bony cup.
  • Once the reshapes are made, the gums will be placed back on the ramaining bone. Sometimes they will be stitched to be in place

Risks of Osseous Surgery

  • The patient can have swelling and possibly some bleeding
  • Risk of developing an infection
  • Gums in the treated area can recede after some time
  • The tooth treated may become sensitive to cold and hot for food and beverages
  • Sometimes they can also develop cavities at the root

Follow-Up after Osseous Surgery

  • You should use pain relief medication for a week to ease any discomfort after the surgery.
  • You must keep the mouth very clean while the surgical area is healing.
  • Usually the surgical site will be covered with a periodontal pack, if not then use a soft bristle toothbrush to slowly remove any plaque formation.
  • Antimicrobial mouth wash liquids which contain chlorhexidine are used after periodontal surgery to kill bacteria.

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