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Periodontal Cleaning – Cost, Maintenance

Periodontal CleaningPeriodontal cleaning also called as non-surgical cleaning, is a part of periodontal treatment regimen. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two main problems to be solved in the treatment procedure. Periodontitis is further classified in to mild, moderate and severe. Mostly the adults require a regular periodontal cleaning, but teenagers with bad oral hygiene and poor diet habits may also need the cleaning.

Gingivitis Cleaning

  • Unremoved bacteria develop as plaque, a white sticky substance, It will further develop in to a hard layer on the tooth that is called tartar or calculus.
  • Gingivitis cleaning will include the removal of plaque, and a thin layer or calculus
  • The treatment uses hand instruments like scalers and some electronic equipment for cleaning.
  • It is followed by prophylaxis, a procedure to polish the surface of you teeth. This is done to smooth the teeth and delay the formation of plaque.
  • A official cleaning is recommended for ever three months to prevent any future occurrences of the problem.

Mild Periodontitis

  • In this stage calculus extends from the gum line to the gum tissues (gingiva)
  • This will cause deterioration in bone support for your teeth and the destruction of the gum tissues.
  • To prevent any further growth of the infection, it is recommended to get treatment as soon as possible.
  • The cleaning procedure involves scaling by a dental hygienist, and there will be some home cares to be followed after the cleaning.

Moderate Periodontitis

  • At this stage, deterioration advances to initial stage of pockets development.
  • Bacteria formed within the pockets lead to the destruction of the supporting structures, loss of bone support, tooth loosening and loss of teeth.
  • A thorough cleaning of the pockets, folding and strict oral hygiene routine will prevent the problem from going to the next stage

Severe Periodontitis

  • By this time the pockets formed will get deepen. Gum tissues, supporting structures and the jaw bone all get infected.
  • Cleaning at this stage require at least four to five visits to the dental hygienist.
  • It includes deeper scaling, removal of any diseased gum tissues.
  • Most likely the patient will need some surgical procedures to have a proper cleaning

Periodontal Maintenance

  • Diet intake has to be maintained, if this is not taken care off then there is no use for any treatment
  • Home cares and maintenance are very very important to get the proper cure for Periodontal disease.
  • In every stage and visit of the cleaning the periodontist will prefer some home cares
  • From the second visit the progress of at home cares will be evaluated
  • It is important to have a dental appointment for every three months after the treatment


A periodontal recare period lasts for three months and the appointment cost any where between $100 to $150, and the cost varies between states. Usually the appointment lasts for an hour.

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