Dental Problems

What are Dental Lumineers ?

How many of you want to smile with your teeth visible ?. Almost everyone, but only a few are able to do so because of different dental problems. Here comes a solution for many of us Dental Limineers. Lets known more about these dental lumineers.

What are Dental Lumineers ?

Lumineers are a more advanced kind of veneers, manufactured by a brand called the Den-Mat Corporation for the use in the cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are tooth covering made of porcelain, bonded to a person’s teeth for improving there smile. They will cover the gaps between teeth and improve the appearance of the teeth. Lumineers can be used for covering misshapen, discolored, too small, overly large, damaged and crooked teeth. They can give a whiter and uniform smile like even before.

Difference between Lumineers and Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers are more advanced and special type ultra-thin veneers made of a patented porcelin, Cerinate. Cerinate is considered very strong and the lumineers are as thin as 0.007 inches (0.2mm). The traditional porcelain veneers are around .01inch (0.5mm) thick. Some times to apply these traditional veneers, drilling a person’s may be required. This is done to avoid the strange look of the altered tooth, so the traditional veneers are considered as a difficult option. On the other hand lumineers are much thinner, and needs drilling very rarely.

Advantages of Dental Lumineers

  • Not all the cosmetic dentists can offer these dental lumineer, the dentist should be registered and certified by the manufacturing company, this reduces the risk of wrong treatments.
  • When compared with the traditional veneers, they are highly resistant to cracking and micro-leaking.
  • With in two appointments, you can get a beautifully designed teeth for the beautiful smile you are waiting for. They last over 20 years.

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