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Teeth Implants For Dogs

Teeth Implants For DogsIt is very important for a dog to chew the food properly before consuming, failing to do so may create many problems. Having a decayed teeth or missing teeth may cause complications in chewing. Fortunately today’s technology has many solutions for this problems, including teeth implants if required.

Why Teeth Implants For Dogs ?

There can be many reasons for a problematic dental structure in dogs which include canine problems, periodontal disease and many others. Other diseases which have effect the remaining body can cause a severe damage for the gums and the teeth. So to make the teeth proper teeth implants are required.

Steps Involved in Teeth Implants For Dogs

  • Prior to any treatment there should be a thorough checkup done by a specialist. He has to determine the best overall solution for the problem.
  • One more important thing to look for prior to any treatment is, to check the experience of the professional performing the treatment. There are many cases where, wrong diagnosis and incapable treatment lead to serious problems.
  • The dog should have healthy gums for having the implants. If the gums are diseased, there is a higher risk of inflammation and infection.
  • If there is a severe tooth decay then the decayed tooth has to be removed first, then ceramic implants can be attached to the jaws. Anchors to keeps the teeth in place will be placed under the jaw and stitched.
  • Teeth implants for dogs is a costly procedure, as it needs an anesthesia professional during the treatment, the implants itself are costly and the medication after the treatment is also costly.

Types of Teeth Implants For Dogs

  • Ceramic tooth is considered as the traditional way of teeth implants for dogs.
  • Titanium teeth implants for dogs is the leading way of implantation
  • Hydroxylapatite is the latest technique for the teeth implants in dogs.

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