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Toddler Dental Exam

Toddler Dental Exam may sound funny, but it is very important for the child, to have healthy gums and disease free jaw line. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend the parents to take there children to a dentist, from as early as one year old.

Why Toddler Dental Exam?

It is well known that at this age no infant will get proper gums or teeth, this is to remove the feeling of fear the child may develop later. Dentists can give you the best suggestion on how to clean the toddlers teeth and gums properly, this helps in the long run. Rather than taking a toddler to the dentist exactly on the appointment day, it is recommended to prepare the toddler for the visit atleast a weak in advance.

Things to do Before Toddler Dental Exam

  • Maintain a proper oral hygiene from the beginning. For cleaning the gums, using a wet wash cloth is preferred. Start brushing their teeth, twice a day. This also gives an experience of opening the mouth for longer times.
  • Kids try to imitate there parents all the time. Take them with you during your dental exam. This helps them to feel the surroundings and see the instruments used by the dentists.
  • Play dentist at home, and tell the same to the dentist so that he can do his exam just like a play. If your toddler is standing or sitting to brush there teeth, then clean their tooth while they are lying down. This is the position they will be while the dentist examines.
  • Have a trip to the toddler’s dentist’s office prior to the scheduled day, so that the toddler will not cry on seeing a new environment on the appointment day.

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