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Teeth Implants Complications

Dental Implants exactly resemble real teeth, they are comfortable and convenient. There will be very less complications with implants when compared to bridges and dentures. Unfortunately some may have complications due to the implants. This articles looks into the complication of implantation.

Teeth Implants Complications

Dental Implant Infection:

The gums, and the bone that surrounds a dental implant gets infected due to the harmful bacteria present in our mouth. This is a serious problem, that has to be treated immediately.

Dental Implant Rejection:

When an implant is done, gums and the bone surrounding it get swollen and inflamed, as a result the individuals immune system attacks that tissue. If the support to the implant is lost, area around it becomes painful and the implant gets loose. In certain cases the dental implant must be removed.

Dental Implant Overload:

Biting pressures on the new dental implants cause overload on the implant as well as the remaining teeth around it, making it a serious problem. Placing more than two implants at a time can cause overload.

Dental Implant Bone Loss:

The natural process of loosing the teeth bone is called periodontal disease. The same may happen to the implanted tooth and create a pain. Usually, even with a severe bone loss an implant can remain immobile. However it is recommended to have a checkup with your dentist.

Dental Implant Incision Line Opening:

A cut is made in the gums and an opening is made in to the underlying bone to place the dental implant. The gums are sewed together, this is called suturing. Some times the suturing may get cut and opens up causing severe pain.

Dental Implant Inflammation:

This is very common problem after implantation. it is caused due to infection and trauma.

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