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What is a Dental Prosthetic?

Dental Prosthetics is used to describe type of artificial teeth . Dental Prosthetics is one among the nine dental specialities which are recognized from the American Dental Association. It is also called Prosthodontics or prosthetic dentistry.

There are two common types in dental prosthetics, namely dental implants and conventional dentures. Dentures and implants have very similar functionality. Dentures are inserted between the existing teeth. Implants are added surgically by inserting metallic nuts into the gums, then screwing the new teeth with small screws. The method is chosen depending on the patients condition and circumstances.

If you only need a few prosthetic pieces to put, then dentures are used. Dentures use surrounding teeth and wire to hold in place, so it is important that the remaining teeth are in good conditions. Severe gum disease or decay prevents dentures from staying in their desired place, additional procedures are required in such cases.

Implants are more realistic in function and appearance than dentures. Implants are high in price when compared to the dentures, so they are used depending on the individuals affordability. All the tooth that are placed will be screwed individually, leaving no dependency on the other teeth around. However the patients gums should be healthy, because a surgery is done to fix up the nuts, and having a diseased gum may damage the entire section resulting in total teeth fall.

Instead of dental prosthetics patients can choose crowns and veneers. These are pieces of materials made to cap or cover your existing teeth. These options are not possible when you have gum disease or severe tooth decay.

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