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Cat teeth Cleaning

A Cat’s teeth are harmful weapons and when used in combination with its whiskers, it is sure death for any unfortunate prey.

An adult Cat has 30 teeth which includes ten premolars, four canines, four molars and twelve incisors. Cats never chew their food instead, they chop it into pieces with their premolars and swallow it. They use their large canine front teeth while hunting or attacking.

Cat teeth cleaning

As the owner of your Cat, it is your responsibility to clean your Cat’s teeth everyday. This may get a little difficult for a single person to do it so get hold of any family member to help you.

Here are a few ways you could use to brush your cat’s teeth:

    • Attract the Cat towards you by offering food.
    • Dip you finger in a liquid that your cat is fond of, for Eg: tuna water or chicken broth and make him lick you finger till he gets used to having your finger in his mouth.
    • Once he’s got used to having your finger in his mouth, dip you finger in the same liquid and slowly rub his teeth and gums.
    • The moment you feel he has got used to this, substitute your finger with a small piece of gauge or brush and brush a few outer teeth. Add a few more teeth each time you brush.
    • There are various flavors of toothpaste available in the market. One of the most recommended one is the fish-flavored one which is quite tasty


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