Dental Problems

Dental Implants

Dental implants look like real natural teeth and are permanent. They have numerous advantages over bridges and dentures including the comfort level, cosmetic appearance and convenience. They also prevent gum recession and bone loss that generally occurs when teeth are missing. However, at times people experience severe complications.

How is a dental implant done?

Dental implants begin preferably with a titanium anchor rod which is embedded in the jaw, surgically. This is usually done by putting the patient under local anesthesia. The patient has to wait upto 6 months for the bone to grow around the anchor. During this period , the patient can wear temporarily dentures. Next, an abutment post is added and finally, a metal prosthesis covered with ceramic is fixed with screws. Dental implants are permanent structures and can replace any number of teeth.


  • The common complications that occur during a dental implant are:
    continuous pain and irritation.
  • Sometimes the healing process gets very slow typically affecting only one side of the mouth.
  • In rare cases, the surgery can lead to sinus infection also.
  • There can also be severe pain due to infection of the gums and bones.
  • One of the most dangerous complications of dental implant is that if the patients bite is not evened properly, a little extra pressure is placed on the implant while chewing as a result causing it to fracture.


  • In order to avoid complications, the patient has to visit the dentist for a regular cleaning.
  • The entire procedure has to be performed by a specialist.
  • A patient considering tooth implants must approach a dentist with a nearly perfect record of success.

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