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Dental Amalgam

Dental Amalgam is a filling material which is used to fill cavities caused due to tooth decay. Due to tooth decay, the structure of the tooth is lost. Dental amalgam helps correcting the tooth structure and restore the biting surface of the affected tooth. Also known as Silver amalgams they are made up of liquid mercury and an alloy mixture of silver, copper and tin.
The decayed tooth is first drilled to remove the decay and then the cavity is shaped to fill in the amalgam filling.

Ill effects of dental amalgam fillings:

Since more than 50% of the filling consists of mercury, dental amalgam is concerned very harmful to human body. After a thorough research by the American Dental Association, it was seen that once the cavity is filled with dental amalgam, the mercury in it releases vapors in the mouth. This happens generally during chewing. The mouth is the most absorptive part of the body and so these vapors are readily absorbed. Once these vapors are absorbed, they are very difficult to eliminate it.

There are many health complications linked to mercury toxicity. Some of them are:

Cancer, chronic fatigue, ALS, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, diabetes, allergies, asthma, etc. Apart from this mercury is most hazardous for pregnant and nursing women. It has also been related to child birth and autism.

There are many non-toxic filling materials like ceramic available with almost all the dentists in the world. Although efforts have been made to educate the public about the ill effects of dental amalgam, yet they continue to remain legal in many states. Hence before approaching your dentist, make sure of where he stands in this issue.

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