Dental Problems

Dental Braces

Dental braces or simply braces are used to align the position of teeth with respect to a persons bite. They are also known as orthodontic brackets. They are mostly used to rectify overbites, under bites, open bites and cross bites, distorted teeth and various other problems with teeth and jaws. They are often used in kids and teenagers.Adults can also use it.

Types of Dental Braces:

There are different types of braces:

Traditional braces:

These are stainless steel. Sometimes a combination of nickel titanium is also used. Traditional braces usually stains the surface of the teeth. Though it is expensive, it is still considered cheap when compared to the other options.

Clear dental braces:

Also known as Ceramic braces. They look more natural and are less visible than the normal metal ones. They are as strong as the metal braces. They do not stain the teeth. They require a longer time for treatment. The only disadvantage is its high cost.

Gold dental braces:

These braces are also steel but are gold plated. The only advantage of these braces is its cosmetic appeal.

Lingual dental braces:

This type of braces are places on the inside of the teeth. Those people who want their braces invisible, opt for this type. The disadvantages of lingual braces are they are very uncomfortable and can cause cuts and sores on your tongue. In the beginning, speaking can also get difficult.

Smart bracket:

This is a new concept which is still under development. It contains a microchip which is able to measure the force applied to the tooth interface. It reduces the duration of orthodontic therapy.

Invisalign® dental braces:

Most people opt for these braces as they are practically invisible. They are detached and can be removed while eating or brushing. They must be changed every two weeks. The disadvantage of this type is its high cost and not every dentist is trained in using them.

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