Dental Problems

What are Denture Problems

For people without their natural teeth (technically called edentulous), dentures are like a boon. They are artificial set of 32 teeth which can readily be inserted in to the mouth. They provides a natural facial appearance, increases self esteem, enhances chewing ability and speech. They are reliable for the support, stability and retention provided to the mouth. But the users of this dental device should be aware of potential denture problems too. This article chronicles in brief a couple of them.

Excess Saliva Production:

The mouth is not designed to hold any thing other than food items for long. The brain treats any dental device as a food item, initially. As a consequence, prolonged presence of the device result in excess production of the body fluid saliva. Normalcy in the production returns after passing of 24 hours.

Forming of Sore spots:

The surface of new dentures are coarse and require to compress the soft tissues in the mouth for grip. This can cause sores. Minor adjustments while inserting them couple of times and saliva acting as lubricant makes wearing of these devices still possible.

Slipping and Moving:

It is very embarrassing for denture users when these devices slip out of the jaw while conversations. It is because the jaw bones and the surrounding roots of teeth shrink over the time as the teeth are removed. They cannot provide their natural support to the artificial set of teeth causing this type of denture problems.

Apart from these primary denture problems, formation of wrinkles around the lips or at the corners of the mouth is also seen. Loss of taste and a dental condition called Gagging are rarely complained by denture users.

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