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Why Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste is Essential

Sodium Fluoride is an essential ingredient in the toothpaste. It is present in mouth rinses and gel too. This chemical substance is a medicine which protects our teeth from tooth decay primarily. This article tries to gain further insight on the role of this substance in oral hygiene. Let us know in detail about sodium fluoride toothpastes.

Role of Fluoride in Sodium Fluoride Toothpastes:

Tooth decay is primarily inhibited by a chemical substance called Fluoride. Our toothpaste is one among the various sources through which this component enters the body. Teeth gets required amount of Fluoride from the component Sodium Fluoride in the toothpaste.

Benefits of Fluoride are:

  • It supplies the teeth its lost minerals. 95 percent of our teeth is made of minerals essentially.
  • They lost primarily by teeth decay and by excessive pressure applied while brushing.
  • The new minerals supplied to the teeth by fluoride make them harder and more resistant to Tooth decay.
  • Tooth decay is basically caused by chemicals released by bacteria.
  • These chemicals are released when bacteria converts the sugar available in our mouth to harmful acids.
  • Fluorides do not allow the bacteria to accumulate in one place.
  • They stop the process of conversion of sugar to acids too. In this way, they stop tooth decay.

How Sodium Fluoride Toothpastes are used:

Today, every toothpaste contains 0.1 percent of fluoride in the form of sodium fluoride. Mouth rinses also contain 0.05 percent of fluoride in them. Fluoride is to be applied topically. The word topical medically means that the substance is applied on the surface of the area of interest.

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