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Wisdom Tooth Infections – Perocoronitis

Wisdom teeth or technically called third molar teeth are a set of 4 teeth. They appear between the ages of 17 to 25 years. By this age, people become wise and hence the name of these teeth. A common problem faced by young adults with wisdom teeth is its infection. This dental problem is technically called Perocoronitis. This article tries to gain further insight on wisdom tooth infections.

Causes of Wisdom Tooth Infections:

The wisdom teeth is surrounded by soft tissues. These tissues are the roots of these teeth. During their eruption, these tissues are infected by the millions of harmful bacteria present in our mouth. The chemicals released by these bacteria, poor oral hygiene and grinding of these teeth while biting food items further increase the severity of the infection. Food items stuck in the areas near wisdom teeth cannot be brushed easily. Tooth brush cannot come closer to wisdom teeth area as severe pain in such areas is a common symptom of wisdom teeth infection.

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Infection – Perocoronitis:

  • Swelling and Pain in the tissues
  • Formation of pus on the tissues
  • Bad Smell and taste in the mouth
  • Stiffness of jaws
  • Swelling of face near the affected region

Treatment of Wisdom Tooth Infection:

Symptoms of Perocoronitis reappear time and again. Treatment of this dental problem in its initial stages, is extraction or removal of tooth. Prior to extraction, antibiotics are given to the patient. The area near the wisdom tooth to be extracted is cleaned. This is done to control the spread of infection caused by extraction to other areas dangerously. In severe cases, wisdom tooth infection is treated by surgery.

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