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What are Signs of Infection after Tooth Extraction

Infection after Tooth ExtractionTooth extraction is compulsory when a tooth poses threat to the teeth around it. There are various reasons for tooth extraction. But after the tooth is extracted, a risk of infection always remains. These article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

How Infection is Caused after Tooth Extraction ?

  • The mouth is one of the dirtiest places in our body.
  • It contains millions of useful as well as harmful bacteria.
  • The useful bacteria help in digestion process of food.
  • The harmful bacteria look for a wound or a cut in the mouth to cause infection.
  • Our teeth are protected from the threats of the harmful bacteria by the protective layer called enamel over them.
  • The liquid saliva also protect tissues surrounding the teeth from infection.
  • But when a tooth is pulled out from its position of the jaw, these tissues get exposed to chemicals released by the harmful bacteria, which cause infection.
  • The most common type of infection after tooth extraction is bleeding from the gums. They are the roots of the teeth.

Who are Prone to Infection after Tooth Extraction ?

Cancer patients are given drugs which are can known to cause infection in the teeth. Diabetes patients are prone to infection when any cut or wound is caused during dental check up. This is because high blood sugar do not allow the infection to heal easily and infections in turn increase the blood sugar level in these patients.

Organ Transplantation is replacement of an organ of in a person’s body with another person’s organ. Our body readily may not allow this exchange. That is why, patients who undergo organ transplantation, are given immunosuppressant drugs. These medicines do not allow the natural protective system of our body (called immune system) to oppose the workings of the new organ inserted in our body. In this way, these foreign organs become normal part of our body over the time. But these drugs are known to increase infection after tooth extraction.

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