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FDA Approved Teeth Cleaning Procedure for Sensitive Teeth

Nearly 40 Million Americans suffer from teeth sensitivity. There are several teeth cleaning procedures for sensitive teeth. But in the year 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved a tooth paste called ProClude. It is the first tooth paste designed especially for treating the problem of teeth sensitivity. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

What is ProClude ?

  • It is the first FDA approved Prophylaxis paste. The word Prophylaxis means any measure taken to prevent a disease.
  • This tooth paste is found to reduce tooth sensitivity significantly.
  • It requires the supervision of a dentist to undergo this teeth cleaning procedure for sensitive teeth.
  • The paste is first applied on the tooth.
  • This removes the stains and polishes the tooth.
  • It is followed by a dental cleaning of the layers of the tooth.

What is Teeth Sensitivity:

It is a discomfort or pain experienced by the patient. It takes place when the person eats or drinks any food item which is hot, cold or sweet. If ignored, teeth sensitivity soon becomes a major dental problem requiring immediate medical attention.

What Causes Teeth Sensitivity:

The tooth is covered and protected by a substance called enamel. Its roots are covered and protected by substances called cementum. The tooth and its roots are separated by the gum line. Tooth sensitivity is caused when the roots of the teeth (called the gums) gets exposed. This causes the middle layer of a tooth get affected. It is because the middle layer of a tooth (or dentin) has small holes. These holes are called tubules which are connected directly to the sensitive nerve centre of the tooth. Exposure of the dentin removes the enamel protective layer. When heat, cold or pressure is experienced by these tubules, the sensations directly reach the nerve centre. This causes the pin or discomfort of teeth sensitivity.

Factors which Expose the Gums are:

The protective layers of enamel and cementum get removed for several factors. they expose the tooth and its gums causing teeth sensitivity. Some of these factors are:

  • Brushing too hard
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Frequently eating sweet and acidic food items
  • Gum Surgery
  • Teeth cleaning procedure like whitening for sensitive teeth

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