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Do Medications Cause Sensitive Tooth

Sensitive Tooth45 Million people in United States are affected with teeth sensitivity. 10 Million of them are severely affected requiring medical attention and treatment. Mostly bad oral hygiene is held responsible for this state of the teeth. This article however tries to understand whether medicines can cause this dental problem or not.

Sensitive Tooth:

  • Sensitive tooth is a discomfort experienced by people after they eat anything hot, cold or sweet.
  • The roots of the teeth are covered and protected by some tissues.
  • When these tissues recede, the roots get exposed causing this dental problem.
  • Nerves which connect the upper surface of the tooth to its center as get exposed.
  • When they receive the signals of hotness or coldness, they readily pass these signals to the center of the tooth root called pulp.
  • This causes sensations of pain.

How Medicines can Cause Tooth Sensitivity:

There are millions of bacteria in our mouth. Some of these bacteria are useful and help in digestion of our food. Antibiotics taken to cure ailments are very powerful chemical substances. They not only cure the disease, but affect other body regions in unpredictable ways. Some antibiotics can kill the useful bacteria in our mouth as their possible side effects. This makes our teeth prone to the attacks of the harmful bacteria. The chemicals released these bacteria can cause infections in the mouth, otherwise not allowed by the useful bacteria.

This is the reason why many people prefer herbal treatment. It is because herbs do not cause changes in the chemical status of the mouth. They instead create an environment favorable to the useful bacteria and unfavorable for the harmful ones to survive.

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