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Home Treatment for Sore Bleeding Gums

There are several useful bacteria in our mouth. They help in digestion of the food we eat. But the presence of these bacteria should always be in check. When the number of these bacteria grow beyond control, oral problems arise. One such problem is a sore in the roots of the teeth called gums. When it is neglected, the excess presence of bacteria may cause bleeding from these sores making them even more painful. This article tries to understand the effectiveness of home remedies in treating sore bleeding gums.

Home Treatment for Sore Bleeding Gums:

Clove Oil:

Clove contains a chemical component called Eugenol. It is present in the oil up to 90 percent. This component is antiseptic and has anaesthetic properties. For this reason, clove oil is considered a natural remedy to treat sores and bleeding gums. It is used as mouthwash. Herbal toothpastes made on the principles of Ayurveda contain clove oil as the essential ingredient.

Bergamot Oil:

This herb contains a chemical component called Thymol. This component is the primary active ingredient in all the commercially available mouthwashes. The herb is known to be an antiseptic. It is traditionally used in United States to cure minor wounds, skin infections, mouth and throat infections like gingivitis and caries. Extracts of the herb can used as mouthwash. Many prefer drinking tea made from this herb.


This herb is antibacterial and kills the germs in the mouth. This herb is antiseptic too because of high levels of the chemical component Thymol. It is a sedative too. When the herb is taken in proper dosage through tea, it can relieve pain from sore bleeding gums, by bringing sleep.


It is a rich source of the chemical component flavonoids. It is believed that this component is good for the general health of our gums.

Peppermint Tea:

According ancient Chinese medicinal practice, sipping peppermint tea can treat your sore gums. It can be prepared by boiling five grams of peppermint in a cup of water. A pinch of salt is added. The tea is consumed after the preparation cools down.

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