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What is Air Abrasion

Lack of basic awareness about the instruments used by a dentist is a major cause of dental phobia. Even after visiting the dentist for couple of times, our knowledge about the instruments used is very less. The only way to get rid of the fear associated with visiting a dental clinic is to gain knowledge on these instruments and devices. This article tries to understand about the device called Air Abrasion used by Dentists.

What is the Device Air Abrasion:

When dentists operate on our teeth, they require the tooth surface to be clean immediately. This is done by a device called Air Abrasion. It blows a mixture of water, air and a chemical aluminum oxide in to a tooth surface. The mixture is released in the form of a jet. When this jet hits the tooth, the surface of the tooth is cleaned in a gentle and efficient manner.

Benefits of Air Abrasion:

  • There is no noise, vibration or burning smell from the use of this device and the patient feels only air pressure.
  • When it is operated very carefully by skilled dentists, the patient do not require any injection and experience no pain.
  • This device can gently remove the signs of early decay of teeth in children especially.
  • This do not allow the decay to form holes in the teeth.
  • Very small holes get filled early before they pose serious threat to dental health in children.
  • Children also cooperate as the technique is painless and the device works smoothly.

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