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How Porcelain Dental Veneer Brings Back Smile

For people with gaps between their teeth, broken, crooked, stained or misshapen teeth, smiling can be embarrassing. These dental problems can be fixed by cosmetic dentists. The tool which they uses to bring back smile is called the Porcelain Veneer. This article tries to gain further insight on this cosmetic dental procedure.

What are Venners:

These are thin shells made up of Porcelain. Porcelain is a material formed by heating clay at high temperatures and then cooling it back. These materials are known for their toughness and ability to pass light through them. They are highly stain resistant providing strength to the natural teeth. They are custom made. The dentist can help us in providing all the information on them. Then, the shells are matched with the natural or desired color of the teeth. This is done for the alignment and for the natural look of the teeth. Then the Porcelain shells are simply attached to existing teeth of the patient.

How Venners Work:

  • It takes only two to three visits to the dentists for bringing our smile back using this technique.
  • This technique involves two stages. The first stage is called Prepping.
  • Here, thin layer of each and every tooth is removed to provide room for the shells.
  • Dentists may take X-rays to get an idea about the shapes of the teeth before Prepping.
  • Until the costume made teeth Veneers are available, the dentist can fit temporary dental shells.
  • This is the second stage called Milling. It takes couple of weeks for the temporary dental shells to be replaced by the new shells.
  • There are some costly Venners too which do not require Prepping and Milling. The fixation of the shells is done in one visit itself.

Cost of a single Veneer can be between $700-2000. But in cosmetic dentistry, they are the only solution to a range of dental problems. If support from dental care financing programs are taken, the cost can be affordable.

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