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Can Herbs Treat Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

In the early stages of breast feeding or bottle feeding, there are some dental problem associated with babies. One such common dental problems in babies is the Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. It is also known as Baby Bottle Syndrome. This article tries to gain insight on how herbs can treat this dental problem.

What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

Babies fall asleep most of the time with the milk bottle in their mouth. In such time, liquids containing sugar get collected at the roots of the tooth. Millions of bacteria stay in the mouth. They convert the sugar in to harmful acids. These acids when come in contact with the tooth, produce a layer of germs called the plaque. This plaque destroys the upper most surface of the tooth called enamel. This causes tooth decay or early fall of teeth in infants. Most the upper front teeth are affected with this problem.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

Cleaning the baby’s teeth daily is essential for his proper oral health. Mothers should ensure that the baby do not sleep with the milk bottle in his mouth. This practice should not be encouraged early. When he is thirsty, plain water is to be given instead of sugary juice. Fluorides are important for development of permanent teeth in babies. Parents should see to it that the baby gets this substance as per the proper dosage. Regular dental check ups till the baby develops permanent teeth is a good practice.

How Herbs are Useful for Baby Bottle Tooth Decay:

Medicines have their side effects. The impact of these side effects on babies can be very harmful. There are several herbs which are beneficial in curing this problem which any threat of side effects. They are:

Ayurvedic Tooth Paste:

They are made from age old herbs. These tooth pastes are effective and easily available. The baby’s teeth should be brushed thrice a day with a soft brush. The tongue should also be cleaned. This will keep the mouth fresh.

Clove Oil:

It reduces the pain caused by the formation of plaque over the teeth. It also stops further build of bacteria in the roots of the tooth.

Neem Leaves:

A small amount of the paste prepared from the bitter leaves of this tree is sufficient. It should be dissolved in water. Mouth wash with this preparation ensures good oral health of the baby.

Warm Water and Salt:

This preparation can reduce the infection caused in the roots of the tooth because of baby bottle syndrome. A pinch of lime added in this preparation can reduce bad breathe t

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