Dental Problems

What is Discolored Teeth Problem

Tooth is made up of a white protective layer. This coated surface makes the tooth hard and sparkling white. It is called Enamel. When the colour of the enamel changes to any other colour expect white, then a person suffers from Discolored teeth problem. This article tries to gain further insight on the causes of this dental problem.

Factors Which Cause Discolored Teeth are:

  • Poor dental habits and conditions of the mouth can cause discolouration.
  • High fever during an age when the teeth forms can cause changes in colour.
  • Antibiotics given to children below 8 years can cause change in teeth colour as possible side effect.
  • When new born babies get severe jaundice because of poor liver function, it can cause change in teeth colour.
  • Eating sweets, drinking soft drinks and juices high in citric acid, excess tea and coffee can cause removal of the enamel coating.
  • Excess of fluorides in drinking water or tooth pastes used, can cause this problem.
  • Teeth can get discoloured because of genetic reasons too. In such a case, thickness of the enamel coating get affected.
  • There are some congenital reasons found to be associated with this problem, The term congenital refers to factors existing at the time of birth.
  • Pregnant mothers should be cautious of the medicines they take. It is found that tooth development of the child can get affected by the medications taken by pregnant mothers.
  • Diseases caused because of malfunctioning of body parts are called Metabolic Diseases. They can change the colour and shape of the teeth.

Porphyria is a disease which causes excessive production of pigmentation in the body. Pigments are chemical substances produced in the body naturally. They give colour to various parts of the body. This disease is also a possible cause of discolored teeth.

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