Dental Problems

What is Meth Mouth

Ice or Meth as it is popularly known, is a strong drug used by males between the ages of 19 and 40. It is available easily and cheaply in the streets, through out the United States. This drug affects the teeth causing tooth decay which is irreparable. Technically this problem is called Meth Mouth. It is not known how this drug causes tooth decay. Dentist cannot help the patient much with this dental problem. Removing the affected teeth is the only option left most of the time. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Statistics of Meth Mouth:

  • A Research report of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), found that 2.8 percent of adults, in the age group 18-26 years, consumed ice during 2001-2002.
  • According to a National Survey conducted in the next year, 12.3 million Americans of age 12 and above were found to consume ice drug once in their life time.
  • Majority of these ice drug users belonged to the age group of 18-34 years.

Native Americans were 4.2 times more addicted to this cheap drug than the whites. The sellers of this drug in the society, safely choose the rural areas for their business. It helps them in this way from getting targeted by the police. Western part of United States is most affected by the menace of this drug sellers. They make money and the poor man suffers from addiction and tooth decay.

How Meth Mouth Damages the Teeth:

  • According to the American Dental Association, The drug Ice (also called Methamphetamine), influences its victim for 12 hours.
  • During this time, the victim feels a sense of high and wants to drink high calorie beverages like soft drinks.
  • The victim remains in a state of trance for an extended period of time without brushing his teeth. This causes poor oral hygiene.
  • The drug causes changes in the saliva causing dry mouth.
  • The victim sleeps for a long duration of time (a day or more)keeping his mouth opened, under the influence of this drug.
  • This increases the harmful affects of the drug due to poor oral health like dry mouth.
  • The high experienced by the victim, makes him clench or grind his teeth. This leads to wear and tear and causes cracks in the teeth.
  • This drug contains acids used in batteries, fuel used in lantern, dangerous hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner and substances called antifreeze used to start car engines.
  • The presence of these harmful acidic substances quickly cause tooth decay to a extent it cannot be treated.

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