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How Diabetes Affects Gum Disease

gum disease and diabetesDiabetes is now an epidemic in United States. It affects every organ of the body. Gum disease is the biggest reason for people in this country to loose their teeth. This article tries to understand how Diabetes affects the gums of the teeth.

Gum Disease and Diabetes:-

What is Gum Disease?

The white exposed part of tooth is called Enamel. It is surrounded by its roots deep inside the delicate pink flesh called gum. When the delicate roots of the tooth get affected, it is known as the Gum disease. It leads to tooth fall. It is caused by the infections of millions of germs present in the mouth. They release harmful chemical substances. These harmful substances are collected in the tooth forming a sticky layer called plaque. The plaque damage the roots of the tooth too.

How Diabetes Affects Gum Disease:

Our body is protected from germs and bacteria by special white blood cells and anti-bodies. The white blood cells are special type of cells. The anti-bodies are the chemical substances released by our body. Together they kill the germs and bacteria. But a diabetic patient’s body cannot make out the difference between white blood cells and the cells infected by the germs.

In this way, the germs do not get killed easily inside the mouth. This makes diabetic patients more likely to get infected with germs. The presence of plaque in excess weaken the tooth and its root. When the roots of the tooth get damaged by Diabetes, blood do not reach there in sufficient amount. The presence of high glucose in the blood cause dry mouth. It is decrease of the liquid called saliva in our mouth. Dry mouth also causes bad breath and building of plaque.

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