Dental Problems

Say Cheese With Top 4 Dental Makeovers

Everyone aspire for a great sparkling smile, but in reality we are scared to hold our smile for a longer time. This happens because we are concious about our different dental problems like misplaced and stained teeth. So the question is, how we can get our smile back? Today our dentistry has got several way out to cure these problems – with several dental makeovers. Let me give you an overview on top 4 dental makeovers that can fetch you a Good Cheese.

Tooth Cleaning

This is a process to clean stained yellow or brown teeth, which is usually caused due to smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking tea and coffee.In this process scaling and polishing are done. Scaling is done to clean your teeth, while polishing give your teeth sparkling effect. Tooth cleaning only remove stains and tartar and does not change the natural color of the teeth.


This is the procedure through which misaligned front teeth or broken teeth are been corrected. This is one of the techniques of cosmetic dentistry to correct and repair the front side of tooth to enhance its look. This is a safe and quick solution to fix unattractive front teeth.


If you want your teeth to be more white and sparkling, then you can go for bleaching. This special technique can change your natural teeth color and make them more lighter and whiter.


This is a good way to get new teeth in place of your missing teeth to look, feel and function like your original ones.

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