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How to choose a Good Tongue Cleaner?

A tongue cleaner is an essential part of your daily oral care. One should use a tongue cleaner daily along with brushing their teeth, as it clean the tongue and remove all kind of food remainings, bacterias and dead cells. It has been found that tooth brushes usually clean the teeth and leave the tongue unclean.

It has been said that there are some 500 types of bacteria, that you can find on the tongue surface. so it is very esential that we remove those bacteria by using a proper tongue cleaner. Now just like a toothbrush, you should also keep certain factors in mind while buying a good and effective tongue cleaner.

Tips to buy a good Tongue Cleaner

  • Chosse a tongue cleaner, which is effective in removing plaque and other bacteria from the tongue’s surface, leaving it clean and healthy.
  • Buy a tongue cleaner that can have a reach at the back of the tongue. Try to get which is comfortable for you to use and also handy. Also find out if the handle of the tongue cleaner fits in your hand and you have a good grip on it.
  • Before doing a purchase, find out if the tongue cleaner is clinically approved and proved for reducing gagging.
  • Check out its price and comfortability. It is very essential that the tongue cleaner is easy and comfortable to use and also priced right.
  • Today there are different types of tongue cleaners made out of different things like, metal, wood or plastic.The effectiveness of the cleaner usually depends on its surface and the material.

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