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Tips to Choose the Right Electric Toothbrush

So do you want to have a great smile? well then you must have a good tooth brush. A good brushing not only provides you with a great smile but also keeps your teeth healthy. According to me a good electric toothbrush is a good way to brush and keep your teeth healthy.

Now the million dollar question is , how to choose the right electric tooth brush. Well don’t worry and try to follow these simple tips.


  • First and foremost, before doing a purchase ask yourself the reason behind this purchase. Why you want to buy it? There can be many resons like whiter or brighter teeth, age etc.
  • Make sure that the bristles are gentle ans soft. You can’t afford to have hard bristles, as they have the risk to erode your enamel around the gum tissues.
  • Also check out if the brush handle fits in your hand. Check if its comfortable and easy for you to hold and brush.
  • Choose a rechargeable electric toothbrush over a battery operated toothbrush. The batteries have to be changed after 2 months. Whereas an electric brush don’t need any kind of replacement.
  • Also try to choose brushes with the right and suitable movements for your comfort.
  • Price is another fcator that you should consider before choosing an electric brush. Electric toothbrushes comes between $10 to $100 whereas a battery operated brushes comes in the range of $6 to $20.

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