Dental Problems

What are dental dentures?

Dentures are generally regarded as the last solution for dental problems. They are basically false teeth made out of plastics, which is replaced for broken and damaged teeth. Today dentures are been improved with new technology and material. Now dentist can develop dental dentures that fit easily, look natural and keep one healthy.

What are Two types of dental dentures ?

  • Complete dentures

    This are the dentures which cover your entire jaw. It is attached directly to the gum which covers the bone. The procedure of fixing complete dentures takes a number of appointments. In this dentist first take impression of the mouth and in the later visit one can choose size, shape of the artificial teeth. Having food with dentures is a bit difficult as it needs time and patience.

  • Partial dentures

    Thisare generally two types. One is removable partial dentures which has a metal framework with plastic teeth and gum areas on it. If one is missing with few teeth or even with two teeth can use this denture which is not much expensive. Other one is fixed partial dentures which is expensive and looks like natural teeth. It is also known as bridges. They are cemented in place with a support of nearby healthy teeth.Beside these two types there are other special types of partial dentures.

Special types of partial dentures

  • Flipper denture

    This denture is generally used for a temporary solution, till a permanent solution is found for the treatment. This is made of acrylic and can be planted soon after a tooth is taken out.

  • Nesbit denture

    In recent time, dentists have stopped recommending Nesbit denture, as there is always a risk of swallowing or dislodging in case of an accident.

Dentures do looks like natural teeth, but it cannot be used like a real one. One has to learn and adjust with dentures. Eating and speaking will be difficult and different in case of dentures. One may take some months to adjust with it.

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