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Genetic Link Between Dental Problems and Heart Disease Found

Dental Problems and Heart DiseaseDental Problems and Heart Disease

Periodontitis, a gum disease, has been associated with heart disease, but the link between the two conditions was not clear. A new research from the University of Kiel may be the answer -this study has found out a common gene mutation in both people with gum disease and heart problems. So, there is a link between dental problems and heart disease. The study leader, Dr. Arne Schaefer, opines that gum disease should be treated as early as possible to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Coronary heart disease and gum disease have similar risk factors such as obesity, smoking and diabetes. Both these conditions are marked by inflammation and improper immune reaction.

Researchers of this study have also found similarities in the bacteria associated with gum disease and the bacteria related to  heart disease.

The Study:

In addition to the similarity in the type of bacteria, researchers from the University of Kiel found a similar gene in the patients with heart disease and gum disease. This gene was found to be located on chromosome 9.

This gene was found to be present both in 1,097 heart disease patients and 151 patients with gum disease. A genetic variation of this gene was present both 1, 100 coronary heart disease patients and 180 patients with periodonitis.

This study shows that there is strong gentic link between periodonitis and heart disease. Hence, people with the gum disease should take precautions at an early stage  and reduce the risk factors which lead to heart disease. Dentists should also take steps to diagnose and treat periodontits as early as possible.

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