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3 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

About Root Canal TreatmentThe word root canal is enough to make a dental patient go jitters. The belief that root canal is major and painful can be traced back to the time when it really was so. Now, times have changed and so have the treatments. Patients who have been prescribed a root canal treatment can now actually sit back and relax, since root canal is no longer a night mare it used to be. Let us look at some of the myths about root canal treatment that is still prevalent:

Myths about root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is painful:

According to the American Association of Endodontists, the perception of root canals being painful began decades ago when root canal treatments were painful. Today, with modern technology and better anaesthetics, root canal treatments are no more painful than having a filling. Knowing what to expect while having a root canal can help ease a lot of anxiety.

A good alternative to root canal treatment is extraction:

Nothing can completely replace your natural tooth. An artificial tooth can sometimes cause you to avoid certain foods. Keeping your own teeth is important so that you can continue to enjoy the wide variety of foods necessary to maintain the proper nutrient balance in your diet.

After Having a Root Canal, My Tooth is Completely Restored:

After having a root canal, it is extremely important to make a follow-up appointment with your dentist to have the tooth permanently restored. After the pulp of the tooth has been removed, the tooth can become very dry and brittle. Having a permanent restoration will help protect your tooth from fracturing.

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