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How to Take Care of your Baby's Teeth: PART-II

Childrens Oral HealthIn the article ‘How to Take Care of your Baby’s Teeth: PART-I’, there is a clear description about taking of your baby’s mouth before the appearance of milk teeth and after the appearance up-to 1 and ½ years. But in ‘How to Take Care of your Baby’s Teeth: PART-II’, you will find the answers of some common questions frequently asked by mothers. Here is a clear description about it.

How to Take Care of Babies Teeth:


When my Baby’s First Tooth Appears?

The time of appearance of milk teeth differ from child to child. Generally your baby’s first tooth appears between the ages of 6 months to 12 months. Be sure to take proper care your baby’s mouth and teeth at this stage as this is a crucial stage when your baby develops milk teeth that create proper adjustments and place to secondary teeth.


What can I do to help my Teething Baby?

Generally teething is painless, but your baby can feel uncomfortable and sometimes fussy. Give your baby a cold washcloth to suck or chew or a cold teething ring. Use teething gels carefully because excessive use is not good for your baby’s health.

Usually teething doesn’t cause fever. If your baby suffers from fever during teething, you need to talk to your doctor immediately.


When should I Start Brushing my Baby’s Teeth?

Start brushing your baby’s teeth after 1 year to 18 months of age. Use a soft toothbrush especially designed for babies. Use toothpaste that does not contain fluoride.


When to take my Child to the Dentist?

Take your baby to a pediatric dentist when he/she completes one year. You may be nervous about the visit, but these dentists see only children and their clinics are kids’friendly than the dentists’clinics who treat adults.

The dentist will carefully check your baby’s teeth, gums and entire mouth. He/she may suggest fluoride treatment or supplement according to the need of your baby. Some kids develop dental problems even at this age, if your kid has any such problems, the dentist will take the necessary steps.


How I can Check Whether my Child has developed any Dental Problems?

Here are some symptoms your child will show if he/she develops any sort of dental decay or problems. If you see the following symptoms in your child check his/her teeth and if you suspect any dental decay in him/her, take your baby immediately to a pediatric dentist.

  • Crying for long time
  • Having painful toothaches
  • Having a poor appetite
  • Facing difficulties while chewing
  • Trouble speaking
  • Developing black or any other color spots or patches on his/her teeth

Besides observing the above symptoms check your baby teeth twice in a month. For this do the following.

  • Look the front and back side of your baby’s teeth.
  • Look for black, brown or any other color spot or patches on your baby’s teeth.
  • Check his/her gums for swelling, ulcers and bleeding.

If you see the above things, take your baby to the dentist right away.

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